Discover my #1 family art project… of a lifetime

Welcome to the Kid Dad Art project

This site is dedicated to finding art projects and activities to create meaningful experiences… not just for kids but the whole family. I started this site to build the gap of missed opportunities for parents to spend more quality time with their kids. We all know that the day-to-day grind can be tiresome. Instead of being glued to our couch, let’s build crafts, shape our food or even write a song that sticks.

family art project: napkin bunnies
Story time after creating napkin bunnies

Growing up

I always embraced my imagination, whether it may be castles with legos or sketches on paper. I spent countless mornings drawing superhero’s with my neighbor. I loved to deconstruct my electronic toys (which somehow stopped working once put back together). Art was just something that came a little bit more natural for me. Now, as a parent of 2, I strive to teach my kids (and anyone else listening along) the creative process and possibly learning something myself along the way.

Types of projects

Painting, sketching, food art, origami and other paper crafts are just the start of what’ll be displayed. Looking for rainy day activities? Want a family game to play? Searching for family-fun activities? I’ll try my best to categorize them to make your job easier.

Find your inner-artist

You don’t necessarily need to be the best artist, but how to move forward with what we make. We need to teach our kids that it’s okay to make mistakes. My aim is to find inspiring activities and provide guidance on completing it to the best of our abilities. I know that might be difficult for some ages, which is why I’ll do my best to deconstruct the instructions down to an appropriate age and an approximate time. If you’re lucky, you might even get a KidDadArt video of that project!

What better way to spend quality time and start fun art projects you’ve always wanted to try… after all, aren’t we all a kid-at-heart?